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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by paul_b, May 9, 2010.

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    I wondered if it was possible to change the way how the iphone alerts me when for example I get an e-mail. The behaviour seems to be different depending on the state of the iphone. If it is on(the screen is visible), I seem to get something audible. If it is locked, it seems to just vibrate. I think this is its behaviour???

    Is it possible to make it audible always? And as an option - mute it. Also is it possible to change the audible tone?

    Just to say, my iphone is not jailbroken.

    Hope you can help.
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    I got this completely wrong so ignore the previous stuff. I do get an audible alert.

    What I am struggling with is when I press the home button, I would like to see a visual notification that I have got an email. Is it possible to turn this feature on. Cant seem to find it...

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    Just to say that I would like to get the same kind of visual alert like the one you get when you have a calender remainder.

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