[Alert] Daylight Saving BUG

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by sp4rkbr, Feb 17, 2008.

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    Well daylight saving down here ended last midnight, that means we had to go back one hour that time. The curious thing was, it seemed all ipods touch (maybe iphones too?) set to Brazil or something set to got back one hour got laggy and irresponsible exactly at the time daylight saving was ending.
    That happened to mine and i thought it was some jailbreak bug, then I restored it, but a lot of people were reporting this at one ipod community on Orkut.
    Anyway for most people, their ipods got back to normal state after around 5 minutes.

    And yea that was a weird bug, the touch screen seemed irresponsible but it would work when we pressed the home button.

    I'm just creating this topic because it seems it just happened down here, and as far as I know the daylight savings time ends in some days up there

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