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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Kallen, Jan 11, 2009.

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    I am the new proud owner of a 16gb Touch. It's a 1st gen, has the newest 2.2FW. My question is regarding the album view:

    My library consists of about 900 songs. As my taste is music is eclectic, ranging from lounge Standards (Rat pack, Bobby Darin) to old school Rap (MC Hammer) and most everything between....I have many MANY songs by different artist. So most of my music is a song by this artist, one by THAT artist, 2 or 3 by that group, etc... With a few exceptions, very VERY few are from same album. So it seems to me that using Album View as actual album covers would be excessive.

    So I am wondering in what other ways I could use it. I thought about sorting it by Genre. Like, in place of album info (maybe 50 songs of my 900 have album info anyways) I thought about placing the Genre when I scroll through Album View, I am actually seeing Genres. But then the track list would be massive, so probably not. Ideas?

    The Touch is an upgrade from my old Philips GoGear. While it could display album art, when I copied songs from our many CDs and such, I never got the album art to go with it. I know iTunes can retrieve it would take a while tho... and with so many singles, it wouldn't be effective IMO.

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    Anyways, any suggestions on how I may use Album View to my advantage? I would appreciate your ideas!

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