Album art issues galore (in both iPod and iTunes)

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Nintendork, Jun 26, 2010.

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    Ok, I'm having tons of annoying issues that I need help with. Can someone address my questions one at a time? You don't have to answer them all if you don't know some.

    Also, I am not sure were to post this since it contains issues from both my iPod and iTunes library.

    1. I have album artwork for all of my songs, and they all appear correctly in iTunes Cover Flow, and portrait album browsing mode on my iPod. However, when I go to Cover Flow mode on my iPod, there are tons of album covers missing when they shouldn't be. I even switched to portrait browsing, and the art was there, then when I switched back to landscape (Cover Flow), and moved away from the album, the art disappeared and went back to the default blue eighth note image again...

    2. A few album arts appear as blank white in portrait album browsing, but they're there in iTunes' Cover Flow mode, as well as in Get Info > Artwork.

    3. I have duplicates of one album in portrait album browsing mode only. I checked to make sure everything was spelled exactly the same, and that none of them had different sorting properties, and they were all 100% identical with information. Also, they're not displayed as duplicates in the iPod's and iTunes's Cover Flow. Only in portrait album browsing on my iPod.

    4. I have quadruple duplicates of one album in my iTunes Cover Flow, and only there. Again, I checked all the information of the songs as well as sorting properties, and they were all 100% identical. Also, it is not displayed as quadruple duplicates any where else.

    I got it solved.

    1. Re-transfer all the songs with the missing artwork (delete them from your iPod, and put them back on again).

    2. Same as number 1.

    3. Select all of the songs in the album that has duplicates, click Get Info, and enter the missing information in there.

    4. Same as number 2.

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