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Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by qaiz, May 4, 2010.

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    Well,This game needs no introducing,Remedy's new blockbuster looks like no other game,mixed with amazing graphics,a heart pounding storyline that keeps you on edge thats not only better then even the greatest of thriller movies but a mature story that will change gaming for ever.

    Well,thats Alan Wake in a nutshell,

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    I've been anticipating this game since it was introduced to the world around E3 05.The protagonist looks highly believe able and the scenery looks outstanding,sure theres a lot of graphic trickery in the shadows,but it still looks amazing,even pre rendered CG cut-scenes look amazing.

    The game is slated for a May 14, 2010 release in the EU before being released world wide days later.I honestly can NOT wait,a must have for any 360 owner,hopefully it will be released for the PC too.The games been planned since 2005 and will be remedy's next 'Max pane'.

    Alan Wake was announced at E3 2005. Microsoft partnered with Remedy to release the game for the Xbox 360 and as a DirectX 10-only title for Windows Vista but By-mid 2009, plans for a Windows version were put on hold. Remedy stated that they wanted to focus on the Xbox 360 version, though they were not permanently shelving the Windows edition. They announced that all plans for a future Windows release lay in the hands of the publisher, Microsoft.
    On February 12, 2010, Microsoft announced the game would not be available on the Windows platform, stating that playing on the 360 would be "more compelling".

    This game is already my game of the year eventough I haven't played it,it looks that epic.

    Still not convinced? Watch this,
    Oh and make sure you have another pair of socks on hold, because this will blow them away!

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    Whenever I watch a Machinima vid now, an annotation always pops up advertising this. It's really damn annoying.

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