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    2G iPod touch
    Hey guys,

    The names John, I've had an iPod Touch 2g since last December, which has been upgraded to the 3.0 software.

    I'm a Uni student at Surrey University (UK) in my 3rd year. (Anyone else?!)

    I, obviously, have a few questions... ...

    I want to jailbreak my iPod. I have no idea really how to do it although I just about recognise names such as Red and Yellow Sn0w!

    How do I jailbreak my version of the iPod Touch?
    Where can I find jailbroken apps?
    Can I access them on my iPod?
    Will I lose the apps I do have when I jailbreak?
    Will I lose my progress on any of the apps when I jailbreak? (such as Worms, Racing Live, etc)

    I think that's enough for now! If you have any other helpful comments I would appriciate it!

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    Hey John, nice to see another UK guy around here

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    Considering you're on 3.0, you must use redsn0w 0.8 to jailbreak your iPod.
    Mac link Windows link Linux link

    Just follow the instructions in that program to jailbreak, you shouldn't have any problem. If you do, just post back here and i'll try and talk you through it.

    You get jailbroken apps in an app called cydia which is one of the things installed when you jailbreak. (Make sure you check the cydia box and not the Icy box in redsn0w), you'll be able to access and download all jailbreak apps from there on your iPod.

    You wont lose anything when you jailbreak, its simply an addition procedure, nothing is taken away. You shouldn't lose any progress in your regular apps when you jailbreak, I don't see why you would.

    If anything else needs clarifying, just post back

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