Adjusting aspect ratio for iPod Touch 2G Videos

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by xfm, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Just got a 2G Touch. Took a DVD made on my DVD Recorder displaying a 16:9 image from TV show recorded to DVD in 480i resolution. Resulting image is a 16:9 image letterboxed within a 4:3 "frame" (shows black bars top/bottom and gray bars on either side). When viewing on a 16:9 TV, the zoom mode expands the picture proportionally to show 16:9 image with no distortion.

    When I convert the DVD for my Touch using DVD Fab, I get a resulting image viewed on the iPod that's stretched to fill the screen horizontally, resulting in horizontal distortion similar to "stretching" a SDTV 4:3 picture to 16:9 -- horrible.

    Is there an easy aspect ratio and/or cropping conversion to allow undistorted viewing of the original 16:9 aspect frame filling the screen?
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    Nobody's got a suggestion for a Touch newbie?

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