Add Dictionaries to WeDict... Without Breaking The App

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    I was hangin' out tryin' to get my WeDict App from the AppStore to work. Long story short, when I added dictionaries to my AppStore WeDict, my iPod refused to open the app completely.


    1. Download WeDict (free) from the AppStore ( if ya'll haven't allready )
    2. Once downloaded, sync the iPod in iTunes (transfer purchases)
    3. In iTunes>Applications: right click on WeDict
    4. Click "open in explorer"
    5. The WeDict.ipa should be highlighted allready, if not find it
    6. Now the hard part, either rename the application .ipa file to have the extension .zip or right click and open the .ipa with Winrar
    7. Extract the files onto the desktop (backup if needed) and add in the dictionaries wanted inside the "" folder INSIDE the payload folder
    8. Move the WeDict application folder (INSIDE THE PAYLOAD FOLDER) to the desktop
    9. IMPORTANT!! Open the WeDict folder and delete "_CodeSignature" from the .app folder
    10. Open an SSH client and simply SSH the folder into the ipod directory --> /applications (or /private/var/stash/applications)
    11. set permissions to 777 both to the folder and all files inside
    12. Respring iPod (simple enough)
    13. Open WeDict on the iPod touch settings, then touch the dictionaries added
    14. *NOTE* To add additional dictionaries, simply SSH into the /Applications/ folder and drag and drop
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    nice tut
    even though i don't use the wedict

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