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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by kreab, Jan 8, 2010.

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    UPDATE: just incase anyone was trying to figure it out, thanks anyway but i came up with a different solution, i ended up putting linux on a spare old pc and using that as an internet gateway, got it all connected through that now. again, thanks if someone was looking, if you do find a way then you may aswell post it to help other users out.

    Hello all, i'm new here ( obviously ;p )

    so, as the title suggests, what is the problem with ad hoc networking to a windows machine? (windows 7 to be specific)

    i've created the network, connected to it on my ipt but still can't access the internet. it did connect and let me on the internet once, briefly.

    I can connect just fine on ubuntu.

    I'm using t-mobile broadband usb stick 120 (zte mf626)if that makes any difference, once connected to the computer my ipt has an ip address and a subnet mask but thats all (ip 169.254.xx.xx, subnet

    id stay on ubuntu for the network if it wasnt for the fact all my stuff for the ipod is currently on windows.

    any help would be much appreciated.

    EDIT- ipod touch 8gb, 3.1.2 firmware, not jailbroken and never has been

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