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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Cadamson16, Dec 25, 2009.

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    Hi everyone, just joined and read all the posts for new members, hello and thanks to everyone who posted those however i have a question that wasn't covered. Hey everyone, new here, obviously, so first of all, hello I got an iPod Touch today 3G today, 8GB though, still happy to finally have a touch. However i don't have wireless at my house i have a cat 5 home network into my laptop that has wireless built in i set up a home ad-hoc network to share internet with my new touch so i can play around on the apps until i go somewhere that has wifi. I set up the network and my touch sees it and will let me enter the password however it just sits there saying connecting, after waiting a few minutes and returning to the home screen it then says it's connected to the network when returning to settings. Then a few minutes later it says not connected. My main question here is: Is there anyway I can alter the ipod or my PC and make it connect to the network. my PC is a Dual-Core Toshiba with 2GB of Ram running windows 7 Ultimate. Thanks in advance for your answers

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