Activision punishing jailbreakers by putting Zombie glitch on Verruckt

Discussion in 'iTunes App Store Games & Apps' started by iPwn, Mar 7, 2010.

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    Activision seems to be punishing jailbreakers, since on every jailbroken iPod the new map in COD has 2 zombies after every wave after 5. It's stupid and kills the point of the game. On every un-jailbroken iPod I've played it, the zombies come in hordes and u get surrounded by 300 zombies after wave 5.

    This is really mean and can I fool the game into thinking i'm unjailbroken, so I get the real gameplay instead of some random crap.
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    Stop whining. You chose to jailbreak, and no developer has to support you. It's virtually impossible to hide the fact that you are jailbroken, as there are so many ways for developers to check. You could disassemble the binary and look for "rogue" cmp instructions, but that would take a while.
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    im thinking axis is right. what if we actually bought the game? is the glitch still there? i haven't played that much on verruckt. only until wave 3. then i got bored. the maps expensive.
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    so yeah. just played on multiplayer, and at wave 5, 2 zombies. wtf. i hate activision.

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    but, is this only on multiplayer, or in solo too? and does it apply to Nacht der Untoten? i'll try on NdU, can get VERY far in solo.

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