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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by phuccit, Jan 9, 2009.

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    Hello all, new to the site/forums. Just had a quick question. I have been trying to get a iphone for some time now. Finally able to get my hands on one. But im a little sceptical atm. Im with tmobile, the iphone he has (2nd Gen) is not unlocked and not activated i guess. So what exactly does that mean when he says its not activated, is that something i would be able to do myself? If i go thru with the trade for the phone, it will be my only source to have a phone. So i want to be able to make sure I can get it working the same day with my tmobile sim. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thx
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    Use quickpwn to jailbreak and activate it. At some point while running quickpwn it will ask if "you have a contract that is normally activated with itunes" cilck NO. You can find the official *******s here
    http://[PIRACY.tb].org/user/iphonedev/ or google around and find a download.

    Once that's done and you are jailbroken go to cydia and add this source

    For more info about quickpwn and yellowsn0w go here also there wiki There are also many guides and tutorials on this forum just use the search.

    Let it refresh and go to changes and install yellowsn0w and reboot when done.
    Make sure you have your T-Mobile sim installed when you install yellowsn0w.

    Your done! Unlocked and activated!

    For internet I suggest signing up for tzones $5.99 and use this apn:

    Hope this helps and welcome to the forum!!
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    i just wanna point out that he has a 2g so he wont need yellowsnow

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