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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by 12ook, Sep 5, 2009.

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    so my friend gave me an old iphone, first generation. idk how he got it but whatever. i turned it on, and it said it was locked for like 499902 minutes. so i put in into DFU mode. the symbol for connect to itunes comes up, and when i plug it in, it trys to charge me for the data plan, with im not plannaing on getting yet. so here are my questions:

    1) Can i jailbreak the phone when its still saying the connect to itunes symbol?

    2) Can i get arround the activation process by jailbreaking it?

    3) Can i get around the activation process without paying, and without jailbreaking?
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    someone help me, i wanna use my phoneeee
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    1. Connect to iTunes means your iPhone will need to be restored. It is not in DFU mode. You can jailbreak your iPhone when it reaches the Slide for Emergency bar, right after a finished restore.

    2. Yes. Redsn0w 0.8 will hacktivate it and you can choose to unlock it from the program.

    3. Insert a friend's AT&T SIM, plug into iTunes, and I think it should be good to go when the phone gets to Slide to Unlock (don't forget to remove the SIM after).

    If you are not getting a data plan, make sure you install SBSettings or Bossprefs from Cydia, and turn off the EDGE toggle.

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