Accessory Attached Nightmare Solved!! Well temp fix for iPod Touch

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by dynastykang, Oct 2, 2008.

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    Sep 10, 2008
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    Hello everyone...
    Now I have to start by saying that this fix I dont know if someone has done it before or if its just a glitch that seems to just work perfectly but I did it one day by accident and BEHOLD I was able to use my iPod Touch to change songs in my car stereo and that accessory attached screen was no longer there.
    Important!! There is only one catch you have to have summerboard or winterboard installed on your iPod which means you must have it jailbroken first.
    So get in your car and do everything you usually do... Plug the iPod in of course the dreaded white accessory attached screen pops up instantly... right?
    Now press the Home button and go to wherever you have winterboard and open it. Select something or deselect something... just make sure winterboard restarts springboard while its making the change you selected or deselected and THATS IT!.... go to music or your iPod icon on your iPod touch and select whatever song album artist you want. It will continue to work that way until you shut your car engine off. Good thing about this though is that the entire process takes all of 15 seconds to do so its not a pain to do it again once you are ready to drive away again!
    This also works when watching videos or you tube in your car as well as playing games... the picture/game/video will be on your iPod screen while the sound is coming from your cars speakers.

    Any questions just let me know...
    I hope this works as well for all of you as it has for me. I do it every time I go anywhere now! lol
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    wait so this is for like a dock connector in your car?

    And i know that this works with the radio remote (but only the remote part works

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    Get an app that resprings. That's much easier.
  4. SHC2202

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    i hope someone finds a way to disable the "accessory attached"-screen. i hate it. Especially because i cant use the trick (holding down home button for six seconds) with my car stereo. And respring Springboard doesnt help either. Same problem. Get an error message in the stereodisplay and nothing works.

    When i was on 1.1.4 i found a solution for the screen :

    1. get a hex editor (for example HexEdit for MacOSX)
    2. copy the executable MobileMusicPlayer from /Applications/ to your computer
    3. enable "Options - Overwrite Mode" when using HexEdit
    4. search for string _initializeSplashScreen and replace it with _tearDownSplashScreen (add 00 00 at the end to compensate for the different string lengths).
    5. search for string _suspendMainUI and replace it with _resumeMainUI
    6. save
    7. replace "MobileMusicPlayer" in "/Applications/" with your patched file


    But now on 2.1 (jailbroken) this doesnt work anymore.

    i would pay for a solution i think ;-)

    plz help


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