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    Well I am looking to go buy an Ipod Touch, but honestly I don't know a whole lot about them besides what their normal, out of the box, capabilities are. Even then I don't know all of it. I looked around the forum a bit but can't find the exact answers I need.

    I have a few questions, any thing that goes into good detail would be greatly appreciated.


    What is jailbreaking exactly? What do the different versions of firmware do and how do they differ? I've heard that Jainbreaking could ruin your Ipod Touch, or at least on the 1st gen Ipod Touch, if someone could clarify this that would be appreciated. Once you jailbreak can you download ANY file that is in the correct format and you would be able to download on your computer? Or is it only those made for the Ipod Touch?

    What are all the things you can do on Safari? Can you save pictures and download some content from the internet without jailbreaking? Can you watch Youtube videos or other website videos ON THE INTERNET? Can you have flash players and java scripts so that you could play internet games or anything that requires java scripts/flash players?

    And anything else about the applications and things you can/can't do without jailbreaking. Also about anything that could ruin/destroy the Ipod Touch (I'm not made of money

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    ). I know it's a vast subject, but any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Jailbreaking is the act of enabling use of third party software that do not need to comply with the Official iPhone SDK rules (such as OpenSSH [basically turns your iPod into an FTP Server so you can browse iPod system files] and Cydia [which is like Apple's App Store, except this is how you get any applications avaliable through jailbreak]).

    Basically its like this:
    From firmware 1.1.1-1.1.5 it is without the App Store
    2.0-2.1.1 is with the App Store.

    NO. I would immagine the only way you can screw up your iPod jailbreaking is if you like, unplug your iPod from your computer while it is in the middle of QuickPwn...but even then i am pretty sure theres a way to fix that.
    Jailbreaking is software mod, not hardware, so software can be reversable

    not sure what you mean but i'll say this:
    iPod Touch for applications has folders with a .app extension.
    So you can download an iPod app off the internet and place it into the right Applications folder, and yeah that will work....

    You can have tabbed browsing, zoom in, zoom out, bookmarks, cookies, save passwords, uses the accelerometer and you can turn the pages all around and view it in portrait and landscape view

    YES you can save pictures. All you need to do is hold your finger down on the picture u want to save and something will pop up prompting you to save.
    NO you cannot save content without jailbreaking (you would need to get the MobileSafari Download Plugin thing).
    The only other thing you can do, is stream videos or music files, but u cant download them without jailbreaking.

    Well..yes and no....
    Yes because there is an application for YouTube videos, or if you are on safari you will be allowed to play videos from youtube.
    Also, if they are MP4 files they will work as well.
    No because only YouTube videos will work

    There is no flash support at this time, and there is speculation if there will ever be support in the future for Flash Player.

    Jailbreaking is a great thing to do. It opens up many more possibilities than just an iPod not jailbroken.
    iPod Touch is basically indestructable =P

    If you plan on jailbreaking make sure you get a 1st gen, because at this time, 2nd gen is not able to be jailbroken.

    Hope this helps and answers all of your questions. Excuse my spelling, its late >.<
    If you have any more questoins, I'd be glad to help.
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    Also, if you Jailbreak, you can install Winterboard, and it is a great way to customize your iPod...Here is an example of what mine looks like (just the first page)

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