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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by iTouchEC, Oct 2, 2010.

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    So I applied my bestskinsever skin the other night. Came out pretty good, despite one bubble that seems to not wanna come out. So I emailed the company asking if they know of any methods of removing the bubble from it..I figured since they manufacture and probably test them, they'd have some good advice or tips for me. Well I get an email back from the company saying that they are sorry, and that there is not much I can do once the skin is set, to remove the bubble. So they shipped me a new one free of charge! Mind you, not once in the email did I mention wanting a replacement or even thinking about taking the one I have now, off... they just shipped me another! So now when this one bites the dust, I have another waiting in the wings. BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER.
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    Same Applies for PhantomSkinz. If you E-Mail them, and have ANY problem with your skin (Edge Peel-Off, poor Alignment, Bubbles). They ship you a new one, without even asking for it.

    It results my Chromatic Skin wasn't exactly 100% like on the Website. They apologised and send me a new one

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