A stylus for Touch is more necessary than Mr. Jobs thinks...

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by pasketanki, Nov 22, 2007.

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    I know that Mr. Jobs doesn't like using a stylus; I also don't like using them, but it is necessary when you want to write in Chinese characters [I live in China]. Typing pinyin (romanized Chinese) on the keyboard is great for people like me who recognize most of the characters I encounter here, but unlike a Mac or PC, Touch doesn't have pinyin support. More importantly however, foreigners and Chinese speakers alike often need to input a character they do not recognize (particularly when dealing with specialized vocabulary). This requires handwriting recognition, which in turn requires a stylus.

    This will become even more important when 3rd-party applications become available after February. Many of the best Chinese dictionary programs (like Plecodict) are (somewhat reluctantly) considering passing over the Touch merely because it lacks a convenient way to input characters through writing recognition. They are concerned that writing with a finger is impossible with the kinds of incredibly complex characters its users will sometimes need to write. I've heard that iGiki has made a stylus that works with the Touch's awesome, innovative screen, but I haven't heard anything more about it since (not that it's available in China anyway).

    I love iPod, I love the Touch, but surely Mr. Jobs can make an exception in his anti-stylus policy for "special occasions" such as these. At the very least, the Touch needs pinyin typing support. Other PDAs can do it, but Apple could probably do it better; besides, Apple can't afford to ignore China.

    Sorry for the long post

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    you should by a stylus then rip off a small peace of your finger and then atatch it to the top of your new stylus!!!
    i no im a genious

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