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    Apr 21, 2008
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    Ok, you've banned my account because i've posted the files who are in springboard.app,


    I understand that i you don't want any piracy i respect that, i think that nobody should do piracy, and that's why i will never do this again, but here is the question: The files(springboard.app) are available in the ipsw file why does people who tell the download link for the ipsw are not banned? It's exactly the same thing, apple let everybody download the ipsw? I don't think so. If yes, you should unban me because i have gived thing that apple give to everybody. If no, you should ban everybody who give the link of the firmware. Plesae, don't ban that account, it's my friend account, i just wanted to know your opinion about that, please anwser my question.

    Thank you, Coolcosmos
  2. micaheljcaboose

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    Jan 20, 2008
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    Because somewhere in the apple terms it says you are not allowed to distribute certain files in the apple firmware. Those would include some plist files, and a bunch of stuff in /system/library.

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