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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Dablack420, Feb 7, 2009.

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    I currently am an ATT user.

    i would like to get an iphone. im thinking of getting one off cragslist ive seen a few there.

    is it possible to use for instance "Media Net" with the iphone for internet and stuff
    rather than getting the iphone data plan. cuz i dont think i could really afford the $70 or so a month.
    or does anyone know how i could get the iphone data plan down some like under 70?

    the unlimited data for my current phone, which includes internet, text, and stuff, is only about $30 a month.
    so could i just switch sims or something?
    i really want to one.

    and i heard that the 8gb version isnt really 8gb
    a little of it goes to the phone aspect of it.

    but the 16gb are pretty expensive and i have quite a bit of music and i would definatley get some apps.

    oh and i have a samsung a737 with 3g service.

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