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    So I got a few questions, hopefully I can get them answered tonight as I'm going on vacation tomorrow

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    1. What are some absolute good and must have sources that arn't installed using the "Install all sources" repo thing in Cydia that I should add manually?

    2. What are some good themes that are complete just like Wall-E and compatible with the iPod Touch? I like anything sleek, stylish and sexy. And an OS one or two too!

    3. What are some must have Apps?

    4. Does the five collom dock take any memory or battery life? If not, I'd like to get it but I can't find it.

    5. Is there a way of extracting the Mew Seek downloads from the iPod Touch to the HDD of a computer via USB & iPhone Browser?

    6. Is Palringo a trusted IM client? I don't want to loose my account!

    7. What are some just over-all good suggestions, apps, themes, knowledge e.t.c. that I should know since I am untethered now?

    8. Is there a way of replacing the boot logo without using a computer or plugging in? I want to change my boot logo from iPwned with the multi-colored apple to something else, something nice!

    9. And some good sources to manually add?

    10. Oh, any themes that include like hot girls, or something sexy, for a guys iPod? Meaning, the sexy stuff is hot girls!

    Thanks again everyone,
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    answers in bold!

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