A few questions following my first steps with a jailbroken ipod touch and iFile

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    Hi everybody. I'm new here.

    I just bought my first Touch a few weeks ago, jailbreaked it on first day, and am now in the process of understanding how it works, and get it to work for me. I have a few specific questions I'd like to ask to qualified people, since I can't find on the web specific info about my concerns that are not from the Installer days or presented in blurry/sh*tty-sounding video with 14 year-old kids speaking too fast, so I get lost quite quickly. Please don't hesitate to relocate this thread if I started it in the wrong section.

    1) I did install Winterboard. That's a cool app, but using it with Cydia packages, I only get to enable full themes. I can't get to install themes without losing my user background. Is there any way to install a theme but without the desktop image, or any other component I might want to leave out?

    2) I'd like to change some icons individually too, without to change them through a whole theme that changes all of my icons. I found some info about a method to do that, creating a folder ending in .theme in my themes folder with iFile, then a sub-folder named icons, putting the icons I want in it, renaming them to the apps names, and then enabling it in Winterbord. All right, but I can't access the icon files I dowloaded via Cydia (which I can see in Categories), and Spotlight doesn't seem to find any .png files at all. I searched manually through iFile, but can't find them. Can somebody help me and indicate me the location of those icons in the ipod directory?

    3) Lauching iFile, i get to browse lots of folders. Some I can understand what they are, and lots that I can't. Can anybody here help me and explain to me the basics to that hierarchy, the most important folders, and that kind of stuff?

    4) Is there any way to download songs on my ipod and add them to my music, with the album art and all, without plugin-in the ipod to my computer? I did download a .rar, and have been able to extract the songs using iFile, and play them one at the time via Quicktime (at least it has a QT logo), but is it possible to copy them to some folder and see them added to my regular music?

    5) I can't seem to find any Wi-fi scanner in Cydia. Is there any existing app to scan available networks around me without having to launch Settings and choose a network?

    Maybe I'm asking questions that have already been answered elsewhere, if so, please excuse me and show me the links that might answer my questions.

    Thanks a lot for your kind help.
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    okay hey for #1 yes there is and its pretty easy all you have to do is open up ifile and browse to the themes folder go to any theme you want to edit and simply delete the part you dont like. i recommend you back all ur themes up to ur computer first.
    k #2 the way you do this is what you said about making the folder in themes and everything but when you need icons you can either download categories and its icons or use .png files off you computer. the icons for categories are located in var/stash/applications.pwn/categories/icons on ifile. just copy and paste them into the icon themes folder.
    for #3 it depends what you want to do in my opinion the most important and most used folder for me is the downloads folder. oh and for ifile if you dont know what it is DONT mess around with it. it could mess ur ipod up and thats probly the last thing you want to do.
    #4 it depends if your on 3.0 or 2.1.1 if your on 2.1.1 yes and no you can add the files to your itunes library but it wont have the album art. and on 3.0 no there is no possible way to do this yet.
    #5 yes in the app store theres plenty of apps that scan around for wifi networks just search and you shold find what your looking for.
    and i recommend you check this source out cydia.[PIRACY].us
    anyways hope this helped.

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