a few files transparent after downloading a bunch of stuff from cydia

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by razor_blade29, Feb 6, 2010.

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    ok so i searched and could not find anything....... my problem is that for some reason after downloading a bunch of themes and some other stuff (no tweaks). My touch now shows a few apps as a bit trasnparent with a white border around it... its starting to bug me coz ive tryed everything and it wont go off......

    for more understanding heres a pic of my screen:

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    take a look at
    Bloons TD, Beseigment, Assassin's, Cartoon-Wars, Fastlane and geodefense

    theres more but there a few of the ones shown....

    thx =D...

    oh btw plz dont give me obvious answers im not stupid lol.....
    i know someone is gonna say check your themes on winterboard one might be active..... so the answer to that is i already did =D..... even with no theme on these icons(not all just the ones shown and a few more) are now suddenly transparent like that
    oh and DONT tell me to restore my ipod..... ive neva restored my ipod and neva will unless something major happens.(yes restoring might fix the prob but i dont want to have to go through the process.. simple =p)

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