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Discussion in 'iTunes' started by legendarytrainer, Sep 4, 2010.

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    If anyone uses these shortcuts than you will know what I'm talking about. Normally my library is set to sort by artist, and so if i want to quickly go to an artist I just type in the name (not in the search box, just liek general) and it used to bring you to the first song of that band, now it brings you to the LAST song of the band or artist. So i still have to manually scroll up, which sucks becasue i have about 2 and half pages of a certain artist and it goes right to the bottom song. And I dont mean like it shows the last page of the band and then the last song is at the bottom, the last song is at the top and then the folowing artists are after that. Really annoying if you have a lot of music from one particular artist.

    Another think i noticed is that sometimes I'll switch the sort to the date added so I can see what I just recently added. When you did that it would go to the top of the list. Just like if you clicked artist or song, it would reset to the top of the list. So if you click songs it would jump to the top and show songs that start at 'A' or by rating it would jump to the top and show 5 stars, then 4, etc. That was useful because if i clicked date added it would go straight to my most recently added, but now if you click any columns to sort, it stays on the song that you have selected and shows it where it is in the new sort order. If I wanted to know when it was added I would go to artist and scroll down and look at the date added. I only did the date added column so I could have an easier way to see the most recent things i added without going to the smart playlist.

    Just some things to think about if you use these methods and have noticed the changes.

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