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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by JimMcG, Aug 29, 2009.

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    Went through a bit of frustration this afternoon trying to find somewhere local to buy a 16GB 3G(s). Local AT&T store only had 32GB models (naturally) so we tried calling a bunch of other AT&T stores in the area as well as a few Apple stores, each one at least an hour's drive away. Couldn't get a live person to answer at any of them (3 diff Apple stores and about 4 AT&T stores).

    It got me to wondering if the 16GB model was the hot seller and there was a shortage...so I came home and hit google looking for info. Found an article that was talking mainly about shortage of the phones in white....but more importantly it directed me to an "Iphone 3GS Availability" web page. Bingo. What a revelation! Assuming their info is up to date, me and the missus should be able to pick one up for each of us tomorrow....though we're still gonna have to drive a couple hours.

    Anyway....here's the link to the 3GS Availability website. I should note that this ONLY works for Apple stores in the US. No other retail outlets are listed.

    Hope this helps someone who's having a tough time locating one locally. Searched this forum for "availability" and it came back empty so I don't know for sure this hasn't been posted somewhere on the board but it looks like it hasn't in this specific forum.

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