3G Jailbreak gone bad.......help

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by buckchucko, Dec 13, 2008.

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    I have a 3g (2.1) 8gb using the simpPCB to unlock as I am in China on China Mobile. Working good. I also have an iTouch bought in the US that I jailbroke. Although I am not a hacker, I am comfortable with the process well enough.

    That being said, after reading many posts, I was under the impression that the Pwnage 2.2 jailbreak using the Pwnage ipsw for 2.2 was safe enough since the baseband was supposed to be modified so it would not update the modem to the dreaded 2.28 ver. That was at least my understanding of the Pwnage 2.2 jailbreak. So I did the jailbreak on my 3g and everything went fine. However, now I do not have the phone service anymore. When I install my sim (s) I get China Mobile service for about 15 seconds before it goes to "no service". I then checked versions in the phone and found it is running 2.2 AND the modem is indeed been upgraded to 2.28 as well.
    Am I now screwed and my phone function bricked? Can I roll back the baseband which I thought would not be upgraded in the first place? I must use the little sim PCB or else I have no phone service. What can I do to get this working now? How can I downgrade the baseband and/or firmware? Please help.........
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    From what we know so far you cannot roll back the baseband. You obviously downloaded a not so hacked version of the firmware.

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