3G 64G 3.1.2, CalDav Problems

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    Hello Everyone,

    I've had my 3G 64Gb for about a week now and want to sync my calendar app with the Chandler Cosmo CalDav server. I'm running into all kinds of problems ranging from attempting the Apple iCal method as a CalDav account *and* and subscription account...with little or no luck. My IPT is *not* jailbroken and I don't wish to do so right now.

    I'll spare you the details, you can see what I tried at this link...argh, moderator hasn't posted my entry yet. Ok, anyway, I also tried a couple of CalDav URL methods as CalDav and subscription accounts. Some allow "downloading" events and others don't bother showing up at all. I can provide details if desired.

    And for those who hate repeat posts, yes, I have already searched the posts in these forums and though there are similar topics, none have the same IPT or use the same CalDav server. Furthermore, almost *all* of them deal with Google's calendars or devices with earlier firmware.

    If someone has dealt with this issue and has been successful in getting calendar entries to sync with a CalDav server *other* than Google on a 3G 64gb IPT...I'd love to hear how you did it.



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