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    OK well first thing i want to say is that i copied this from iPhone Fanatics, but i posted it there myself so i decided to bring it to IPTF where it can get more exposure. Anyway

    Ok guys well sorry about the bodyguardz review not being able to take place, so instead i am getting a different case! It is called the Protective Cover by Incase. At the moment i dont have one on me (i will get one in a few days), but they let me sample one at the Apple store for about an hour :lol: !

    Basic Info
    The case is available in 3 colors : Black (The best one), Orange and Red! The case costs a good 30$, but is worth it, as it is THE BEST silicone case i have ever seen or even dreamed of. Anyway this case can be bought at: Most Apple Retail Stores, , Or here: http://www.goincase.com/products/detail/protective-cover-cl59051/3


    OK so this case completely changed what i think of rubber/silicone cases. Also the best thing about the silicone is that it has a kind of matte finish, and doesnt attract lint at all. The back has a nice grip, and its really shock proof. The silicone is INCREDIBLY hard, so the downside is its REALLY hard to put it on the iPhone, but after that its well worth it. It feels as if you are trying to stretch leather, but just stretch it a little bit and push the corner of the iPhone inside. Start by inserting it into the bottom piece, then the first upper corner, then the hardest last corner. The case protects the iphone VERY well against all kinds of abuse! It feels as if the silicone is so hard, it still feels like rubber while maintaining the hardness of a plastic case, but it does not have anything hard inside like a plastic wall. It is actually surprisingly thin compared to the other cases, such as speck see-through and belkin cases, it maybe adds a couple of millimeters. It has one big cut out at the bottom for the dock connector, speakers and mic. The top of it has an opening for the headphone jack, as well as a mold into which the sleep/wake button fits into (so it is covered). The side of it has one opening for the silent ringer switch, and two more molds into which the volume up/down keys fit into. The only problem i encountered with this case is that the camera hole is uneven, but when you go into the camera app, you see everything perfectly fine, nothing being blocked. I cannot confirm if this is true or not, because the iphone i tested it on (which is not mine) has a really crappy big screen protector which set it off (it wasn't actually a screen protector, it was the thing the iphone 3G comes with, the guy just cut it and it peeled up and crap, anyway it was terrible.). Also the case covers all the sides, corners and chrome part, but does not cover any of the screen, so it would go great with a screen protector (mine is coming with anti-glare film) Anyway all in all this is one of the greatest cases i have ever used, and i strongly recommend it! Now enjoy some pics and imagine someone making soothing sounds as you observe them :

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    OK well that is my review, it will be majorly update when i get the actual case, including pictures! If still anything is unclear about this case just post and i will answer your question. Thank you for reading my review, and happy case hunting!


    Review Of Anti Glare Film By Power Support (iPhone 3G)

    Ok hey guys this is part two of my review, and this focuses on the power support anti glare. Like you read in the first post, i do not have it with me, and there aren't any detailed pictures on the internet, so you will have to wait until i get mine, and then the pictures will be up, but for now you can just read, it wont kill you :lol:

    Ok well about the rumors of it reducing clarity or making the screen dimmer are FALSE! If you apply it right, it looks really good. It has a matte finish, kind of like your skin, with almost no texture so your finger glides more easily. Now it comes with TWO front screen protectors and no back protectors, because why would you need anti glare on the back of your iPhone 3G? The cost of it is 15$, but you get two per pack and a pre-installation film, which i will get into soon, so the overall cost is 7$ per protector + the installation film, which also adds to the price, so overall you are getting a great deal. Also the Anti-Glare Film GREATLY reduces fingerprints, so that was a big seller for me.

    The Application process is pretty easy. First of all completely clean off the iPhone's screen, and do this in a dust-free environment. Line up the pre installation film and put it on the iphone. Now peel off the pre installation film and as you are peeling off, put on the Anti Glare Film itself. Now quickly after you set it use a credit card to squeegee out the bubbles, if some do not come out, peel up and place it down again. here is a pretty crappy diagram but it may help you understand.

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    Basically that's how you do it, and just keep going along. If you want you can even attach the anti-glare film to the Pre-Installation film and pull the Pre-Installation film backwards to help settle the anti-glare film.

    Application Tips
    - To reduce dust, do this in a steamy room (steam causes moisture, making dust settle)
    - Clean your fingertips before doing this
    - Always have a credit card or something hard and flat to squeegee out the bubbles beside you.

    Griffin Elan Form Case Review for iPhone 3G

    Hey Guys this is part three of my review, and it focuses on the Griffin Elan Form case for iPhone 3G!

    This is a hard case, made from plastic and then covered with leather. While the iPhone is in the case, you have access to all ports and controls. It is made by griffin and can be found at your local apple store, the apple website here : http://store.apple.com/ca/product/T...phone/iphone_accessories/cases&mco=MTI5OTQxOA and also any website that carries them. The cost of the case is 35$

    When you first see this case you immediately think- INCASE SLIDER

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    ! Well thats because you are right, it really is like the incase slider. It has a sliding bottom that comes off, and holes for access to all ports. The biggest difference is that the outside of the case is covered with leather, which makes it more shock proof then the incase slider. Another good feature it has over the slider is that on the inside instead of having these two weird strips that have been know to scratch ipods/iPhones, this case has sleek plastic, kind of like the one the 3G is made out of, that it fits into perfectly and makes absolutely no scratches. When you first get this case it feels flimsy because the bottom falls out, but when you put it on your iPhone, it just fits so perfectly it wont fall off unless you actually are taking the bottom piece off. Another thing it has over the Incase Slider is that it doesn't gather any fingerprints. It is also available in another version with no leather, and comes with a belt clip, which can be found at an Apple retail store. The downside is that it is quite costly, and that if you have a thick screen protector (like more than 3 mm) it wont fit, because its a really tight fit. I used an anti-glare film with it, and it worked just fine. Also, just like the incase slider, this case has a completely open front, only covering the chrome on the edges

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    Protection 9/10 : The protection this case offers is amazing, the leather absorbs the shock, while the plastic walls on the inside keep the iphone from other damage. The only thing that can improve it is maybe a full wall padding on the inside to protect the iphone from scratches, but i dont think any will appear since it is completely smooth on the inside and is a tight fit so the iPhone doesn't jump around.

    Looks 7/10 : While for leather loves, this is an amazing deal, but its biggest competitor, the incase slider, looks better, but also gathers fingerprints LIKE A MAGNET while this one does not at all because of the leather.

    Price: While it is a bit pricey (35$), it is well worth it if you love the incase slider because it protects well, doesn't gather fingerprints and is basically an all around great case. If you love leather, and you love the incase slider, this is the case for you!
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