3 Must Have Cool Computing Apps!

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    1; TeamViewer FREE
    TeamViewer FREE App Store
    TeamViewer provides easy, fast and secure remote access to PCs and Macs.

    TeamViewer is already used by more than 60,000,000 happy users worldwide and with the TeamViewer App for iPhone and iPod Touch you are able to:

    - spontaneously support your family and friends
    - have access to your own computer with all of its documents and installed applications

    - Both spontaneous support and remote access to unattended computers are possible
    - Convenient control via multi-touch gestures: left click, right click, drag & drop, scroll wheel, zoom, change monitor
    - complete keyboard incl. special keys such as Ctrl, Alt, Windows®
    - reboot the remote computer
    - automatically decrease the screen resolution of the remote computer
    - integrated partner list - see which computer or partner is online
    - trouble-free use behind firewalls and proxy servers
    - highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 1024 Bit RSA Key Exchange
    - the Free version of TeamViewer has exactly the same features as the Pro version. However, the license of the Free version is meant for private use only.

    TeamViewer is free for personal use, i.e. that you can use TeamViewer completely free of charge to access your private computers or to help your friends with their computer problems.

    For a commercial use in a professional environment, please look for TeamViewer Pro in the App Store.

    Quick guide
    1. Install and start TeamViewer from the AppStore
    2. Install and start TeamViewer 5 on your PC or TeamViewer 4 on your Mac (www.teamviewer.com)
    3. Enter your PC's or Mac's ID and password directly in the TeamViewer interface on your iPhone / iPod Touch to connect.

    Note: Additional quick guides for different applications can be found at www.teamviewer.com/iphone

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    2; JumiCam £2.99 / $4.99 [Free Version is slow and un-reliable]
    JumiCam App Store

    Stream live video from an unlimited number of webcams to iPhone/iPod. Optimized for smooth video & low cost (low data transfer)

    JumiCam is a full featured high performance, monitoring, tracking & spying system. It connects to an unlimited number of webcames & PCs, and streams live video and audio. It gives you instant control over all rooms in your home, your office, your garage, and even your grandma’s house if you wanted. It works over 3G / Edge / Local or Remote Wi-Fi.

    JumiCam has video & audio streaming technologies that provide the best performance available. Includes optimized streaming modes that provide:
    * Extra smooth video with extremely high frame rate
    * Low data transfer that save on cost & allow better performance
    - Note: our video streaming technology is comparable to MPEG-4, DivX, and H.264
    - Watch the movies on our website to see it in action

    * Pet Watcher – its true that every dog has his day, but you get to watch it live
    * Child & Nanny – make sure your kids don’t kill Berta the nanny while you’re away
    * Home Monitor – see & hear what is happening in any room of your home
    * Vacation Security – sip a drink on the beach in Maui & get a peek of what’s happening back home
    * Business Intelligence – you can take a bio break and still see & hear what is happening in the meeting
    * Teenage Security – Teenage Tommy is having a party? You can see your home being demolished live (not recommended for people with health issues)
    * PC Usage Spy – JumiCAM also shows you the PC desktop while others are using your PC
    * View anything/anywhere – connect your TV to your PC and watch it from anywhere (while in the bathroom, out for a smoke, or under your desk at work)
    * All of the above – simultaneously, with unlimited cameras and locations

    * High Quality: video streaming with the best frame rate & performance available (comparable to MPEG-4/DivX/H264)
    * Optimized Streaming Modes: switch modes to blast speed and minimize cost even more
    * Phone Bill Friendly: condensed data transfer makes this one of the cheapest solutions in ongoing 3G/Edge costs.
    * Unlimited Cameras & Locations: connect multiple cameras on multiple PCs
    * Photo Capture: snap & save photos from any camera stream
    * PC Desktop View: you can see what the PC user is seeing
    * Network Flexibility: Wi-Fi / 3G / Edge
    * Secure Access: password protected
    * Share Your Camera: you can grant additional passwords for guest access to let others view your cameras (1 user at a time)
    * Easy Configuration: Automatic discovery & connection to Nearby PCs & Cameras
    * View Any Video Stream: connect your TV (or any other A/V source) to your computer and watch it from anywhere.

    * Windows XP/Vista/7 (32 or 64Bit)

    * Install the Jumi Controller from JumiTech.com
    * Start JumiCam on your iPhone and connect. That’s it.

    * You can find answers to most common questions via our website * Support is available (and is very friendly) via support@jumitech.com
    * Note - we cannot reply to reviews posted on the AppStore because we have no method of contacting you. If you’d like to contact us, please do so via support.

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    2 APPS , NOT 3 SORRY

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