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Discussion in 'iPhone' started by buckchucko, Jan 6, 2009.

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    I have two 3g's, FW 2.2 and jailbroken and iTunes 8.0.2. They are both working fine and iTunes is happy. Each iPhone has it's own iTunes account on my 1 PC.
    We both use our GMAIL contacts (separate accounts) for syncing our contacts to the 3g. This is where it all goes wrong!
    When I do a contact sync, iTunes COMBINES both of these Gmail contact accounts and dumps mine AND my wife's contacts into my phone. And same for her iPhone. I am careful to connect my iPhone in iTunes, sign out, and sign in again with my login in. When I go to the "info" tab, I even configure each time on the Contact section to 1. use Gmail contacts and 2. configure my Gmail UN and PW. Then I do a sync and STILL get both contact sets sent to my iPhone.

    I can find no setting in iTunes where I can turn off any "merging" of both accounts. Has Apple screwed up iTunes this badly?????? This makes no sense to me or hopefully I am only missing some trick about all this.

    I even deleted all my iPhone contacts before doing a sync to be sure this was merging both sets every time I do a sync.

    Somebody please help me seperate these accounts!

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