3.0 Problems with WiFi, App Store, etc...

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 3.0' started by threatmantic, Jun 18, 2009.

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    Okay, I've had problems with my WiFi ever since 2.1 I(I have a topic for that if you want to find that topic in my user info.) Long story short, my WiFi sucks even more now that I updated 3.0. I can't even get on the App Store or iTunes! I mean even with my sucky WiFi, at least I got on a page or two. I have to refresh Safari and billion times and the only site that really works is Google. I can't even get on the Apple site on my iPod. Anyone having the same problem? Any solutions?

    Also I have a Bluetooth question! I tried pairing my LG enV2 with my iPod Touch and it paired but it's not connecting? So you cannot pair with phones I'm guessing? My phone is reading my iPod as a headset and my iPod is reading my phone as a Mobile Phone.

    Another Bluetooth question! My mom has a 1G iPod Touch and I know that doesn't have the bluetooth chip. Is there going to be a product where you can plug something into the iPod so you can connect to other iPods via bluetooth? Or that's an impossible dream? xD
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    Okay I went to the library today and got WiFi and I was able to get on everything which somewhat helped at home. Not much though :/

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