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    Alright so were all excitied about the 3.0 and everyone been making threads on what bluetooth headphones work with 3.0 like the mic an stuff. Well I just got myself a Ultimate Ears Metro.Fi 200V That comes with a mic headphones there not bluetooth but the mic works on it. I tested it on the voice memo and works great. Though I find it intresting the headphones claim to be only for a blackberry or iphone. Well it also works on ipod touch. and its on sale on amazon. Origonally like 100 something bucks but I got it for only like 40 bucks and they sound very great. If you guys have wired or wireless headphones that can confirm what works lets list them here shall we.

    Wired Headphones:

    Ultimate Ears Metro.FI 200V With Mic

    Bluetooth HeadSets:

    Motorola Motorokr S9

    Motorola Motorokr S9 HD
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