2nd Gen enabler for 1st gen accessories!

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    Hey all, first time poster here. Last week I picked up a new 8GB touch at Wally World, knowing from a news post on xlr8yourmac.com that accessories for the 1st Gen touch aren't compatible with the 2nd gen (rechargers, iTrip, etc). I had a 30GB Video and tried the accessories and yes, they were not compatible. Today though I went to Office Depot and checked out the red tag items. The one store had three iPod shuffle (1st Gen) adapters for $1 each.

    It's real name is an Accessory adapter for iPod Shuffle, made by Kensington. One end of the rectangular device has the long iPod-type port and the other has a regular USB port. I figured for a buck I could try and see what all I could try with it. So, I took my Apple adapter that came with the iPod, plugged the USB port into the one end of the Shuffle Adapter, then plugged my old power charger into the other end of the Shuffle adapter, and lo and behold it started charging!

    I also tried it into my car charger, and it worked just as well. However, I tried using a generic video adapter purchased from eBay, but that did not work. Still, seeing how Apple's power plug with the USB port costs $40 at Target, this $1 clearance item comes through very cheaply.

    The product is dated from 2005 and has the model # 33360, made by Kensington

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