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    hello again,

    curious if anyone is using two comps for their ipod or iphone? im on vacation and i have itunes on my wifes family computer. now i downloaded new apps and redownloaded the old ones because i was getting a message that said * do you want to sync to this computer becuase you will erase all your apps and file info*. so, i went ant redownloaded all the old stuff, and some new stuff and im still getting the same message?

    i realize that you can only sync with one computer, but can you only download apps to an itouch from the one computer you sync with?

    the main concern though is if i go ahead and sync apps with this comp that seems fine... i have all the same apps on here, but i dont want to lose my save game files for vay if its going to completely erase my apps and sync with the 2nd computers apps.

    that sounds confusing but bare with me, this japanese laptop gives me grief and i have little time to fix my grammar.

    thanks for the help!
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    iPod touch
    well the other day i bought some apps on my work computer, but realised i left my Touch at home. When i got home, even though i could see these apps in my purchase history, they were NOT in my Library... so i couldnt sync.
    However, once i synced next day at work, and authorised my pc at work (you can authorise up to 5 computers i believe), i could sync all apps on both computers... if that makes sense.

    so, i think as long as you have apps on your Touch, you can sync on more than one computer...
    but then again, iTunes is not the most user friendly program!! So i might be completely wrong.

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