2g itouch wont respond at all

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by dameon1227, Mar 27, 2010.

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    2G iPod touch
    hi i have a 2g itouch that i think is bricked. the touch is displaying an all black screen and wont turn on no matter what button press combo i use. when i try to connect to my pc it says usb device not recognized if i put the ipod in dfu mode from this blank state it is recognized by itunes as an ipod in recovery but when i try to restore the itouch is disconnected and reconnected back into its original blank state and the pc once again says usb device not recognized. ive tryed everything i could think of like using redsnow, iliberty, quickfreedom, 1clickboot,irecovery,and cyw00d, all to no avail. i had one minor breakthrough when the itouch started to go to the wsod but if i turn it off and back on it goes black again. cyw00d almost worked i think but when i got to the step where i had to right click and click paste into a command prompt the command prompt would open then close really quickly therefor i couldn't actually complete the process. with all that said is there something im doing wrong or is there another process i could try or is there any app that could help me either force boot or force restore this itouch

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