[2G] Griffin Wave or iSkin Touch Duo

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by Ambitdesigns, Nov 13, 2008.

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    Sep 28, 2008
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    I currently own a SwitchEasy RebelTouch and I am looking into getting a new case for my iPod Touch 2nd Generation. The reason for a new case is on the RebelTouch (although a great case) the hard plastic spin that sits in the middle of the back gets INSANELY scuffed up VERY QUICKLY! I, being a perfectionist cannot have that and so I once again am on the market for a new case.

    So far here are the two cases that have drawn my attention:
    1). Griffin Wave: http://www.griffintechnology.com/products/wave-for-ipod
    - Has a "rubbery" acrylic plastic so you wont get the back scuffed up, comes with standard screen protector, looks pretty decent, $25 for 1, $35 for 2.
    2). iSkin Touch Duo: http://www.iskin.com/touchduo/index.html
    - Has a textured silicon case along with a anti-scratch (which it truly is, I own another iSkin product for my iPod Classic) screen cover (NOT TOUCH THROUGH, you must take off to use iPod Touch!), a screen protector, looks amazingly good (I prefer clear, or maybe black), $35 for 1.

    If anyone owns either of these cases please give you input and opinion on which case I should buy. To help you guys help me choose I am also going to explain, in my words, the perfect case for the iPod Touch 2nd Generation.

    1). Silicon or some type of "rubbery" texture (to prevent easy scratching) that raps around the entire iPod offering drop protection and grip for your hands.
    2). Screen protector that does not scratch, ideally the NakedCase by Case-Mate screen protector (which is a hard touch-through plastic), also having it be finger-print-proof (if even possible) would be awesome.
    3). Access to all ports and buttons, preferably button covers so you don't have to go digging to press them.
    4). Look, style, color options, and all that good stuff.
    5). Cheap, obviously this is always a plus.
    6). Dockable, meaning you can put it on a dock type of accessory WITHOUT removing part of the case (I don't like slider case! The reason is because when you are sliding the bottom off it scratches the back of the iPod).
    7). Accessories. I want a dock adapter so that I can fit the iPod perfectly on my iHome (similar to what comes with the RebelTouch).

    Also I know there are other great cases out there so if you guys could recommend those and give a reason for doing so, that will be very much appreciated. I was also looking at the Naked Case by Case-Mate: http://www.case-mate.com/ipod/2nd-Generation-iPod-Touch/ipod-touch-case-naked-2nd-gen Because this case offers the screen protection that I want but does have the plastic casing for the entire iPod and I am skeptical if it would scratch easy. So if anyone knows let me know!

    Hope you guys can help me and other iPod Touch 2nd Generation users find the perfect case for our taste. Thanks to anyone who posts!
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    Nov 13, 2008
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    out of the 2, the iskin looks much better. I don't have either, I use a belkin zebra, which is very similar to the iskin. (better imho, cheaper too). But if I had to choose, the iskin looks more stylish and protects more.
  3. Naveen

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    May 10, 2008
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    i had the wave its nice but not a good slide case hard to take of
    i think go with the iskin but silicone cases are never bad
  4. TheConqueror

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    I had used the wave for the iPhone 3G, I thought it would be flimsy but it is a REALLY solid case covered in a soft material but it is amazing, I recommend it over iSkin, and for 25$ it is a win/win situation. Plus buy it at your local apple store and if you don't like it, return it within 2 weeks for a full refund
  5. f1av0rflave

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    Apr 11, 2008
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    maybe get the incase cover, it is very hard silicon type thing. it doesn't get scratched and it also doesn't atract lint. but then you would have to buy a screen protector seperate.

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