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    3G iPod touch
    and yeh i know the title has incorrect grammar

    anyways, im on sorta "vacation" (SORTA) now, for hopefully around 2 and a half months more - WITHOUT my computer. so i was pretty worried when i noticed 2 things yesterday on my 1 month old ipt3g32gb

    1- there seems to be a dead pixel (stays black whenever it seems dead) or somethingon the right middle side of the device. this is extremely small, and seems noticible only when looking close (its really small) and on a white or light background. for some reason it does not seem to be there (or is not noticible atleast) when i play gta; but is most noticable when watching the simpsons or american dad. i have never noticed it before; but again - its small - prob i could have missed it.
    also as i said before im not in the country where the ipod was bought - plus i dont know if its worth to get the ipod fixed/replaced. its a small (albeit a little worrying) issue. also i dont have my copmuter to resync my stuff with if it say gets replaced by apple.
    i also ALREADY tried restarting
    i also think its not dirt or something becaus ei already tried wiping it many times with a cotton shirt

    2- i just noticed today - if i hold the ipt3g32gb with the home button on the left side, the upper left corner of the glass/covering thingy actually goes a little down when pushed. the upper right side also does this a little bit (even less), while the lower sides seem fine
    The ipod seems to work ok though.. SO what should i do? is this normal? or semething to worry about?

    what should i do?

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