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    OK, up until yesterday, I was running 2.2, and yesterday I restored my 1st gen iPod Touch to 2.2.1 as just a regular upgrade. I also restored my backup to it and used AptBackup to restore my jailbroken apps. With that update(to 2.2.1) came a wonky error -- Music.app would suddenly crash, in the middle of playing a song, while I was in another app, but not right after I left Music.app. Until I respringed, Music.app would never load, only show Default.png and then crash. After a respring, Music.app would work for a while and then the same thing would happen again.
    Assuming this was related to the restoring of my backup in iTunes, I restored the device again, but this time, didn't restore the backup. I still however, copied the AptBackup files to their respective places and restored my jailbroken apps with it. It seemed fixed, but this morning, the issue cropped back up again. Any ideas what's wrong/what I should do?

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    Now it will also crash(and stay crashed until I respring)when I open it, and then close it while no music is playing. I still have no idea what is causing this.

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