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  1. my favorite news site for videogames (qj.net) reported on their apple site apple.qj.net that Spore would be coming out on June 17, as announced by apple, for macs and pc. Could this mean a certain update will come out on this date allowing a simultaneous iPod touch release?
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    There's no mention of other platforms besides the PC in the press release by EA. The Spore creator for the iPod/iPhone could come at a later date as they have just recently started development of it. I highly doubt we will see a simultaneous release on PC/Mac and the iPod/iPhone

    EDIT: Well EA has filed the press release under the following categories: PC, Mac, NDS and Mobile - Mobile being symbian phones as there has been a creature creator in development for those too I believe. Whether or not it includes the iphone/ipod is pure specultation

    Here's the full press release

  3. That's a good answer to my question.
  4. I'm speculating, yes. But I think Apple will want the game coming out for all the games platforms at once, it's only logical.

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