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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by cainy, Sep 9, 2008.

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    Dunno if its just me but im getting a tad annoyed with all these "can i get a free 2g ipod touch" threads, dont think some people realise that the apple stores have about 5 draws full of refurb 1g ipods and then whatever they have left in stock of the 1g's, they aint gonna hand over a brand new device just cause you bricked yours, im sure apple will go down every avenue of repair, especially if you try and "brick" your ipod...also im sure it states in the license agreement for the firmware that apple accepts no responsibility for damages done by the update procedure (don't quote me on that, never actually read it)
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    AFAIK, most retailers who aren't the Apple store would probably take it back for store credit depending on the problem with the device. Wal-Mart, I suppose, would just say "okay" if you handed them a "bricked" touch and asked for store credit, just so they could keep the line moving faster and please their customers. I still have my receipt and sh*t so I'll probably try it eventually if I don't feel like just buying the new one. My receipt totals $453 for the 16GB iPod and additional warranty, so that's pretty much exactly the amount of store credit I need to get the 32GB Gen 2. Hell, I might drive by there tomorrow and ask about it.

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