1g touch jailbrake fail and restore fail

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by turbostd, Jun 24, 2009.

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    I was given a semi-bricked 1g touch today. When I first started messing with it it would boot up to a picture and some Russian text but only if plugged into the usb or charger it seems like the battery is bad but i was told it had been replaced and worked prior to the jail brake attempt. I have been trying to restore it but it reboots after the first part and then the updater errors out shortly afterwords. I took it apart thinking maybe i could jump start it by giving it 3.7v at the battery leads and then it would charge but now the screen dont work

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    Ok questions.

    1.sense the battery is dead and wont charge is there a way to restore it without it rebooting in the middle?

    2. What did i knock loos while taking it apart that is causing the screen not to work?

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    Well I've been posting many DFU tuts tonight *prays not to be banned*

    But that's what you need to do is enter DFU mode and restore. This process works 100% of the time so you do NOT have a bricked iPod.

    Hold down the home and power button for 10 seconds.
    Let go of the power button while holding the home button.
    In about 20-30 seconds iTunes will recognize it and you can restore.
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    You took an iPod apart and tried to jolt it awake with a battery? Not the best idea. But, your best bet is DFU mode (see iPTF_BROWSER's post or a youtube video if you need visual guidance).

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