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Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by murph_fan51, Sep 24, 2009.

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    Hi All,
    Hope this is in the correct forum,

    I need to act fast if I want to get my hands on a 2G 16GB Touch. In New Zealand, they are selling them off quite cheap, and the shop is running out of stock fast.

    First here are my requirements...
    60% of use would be for music
    10% Video
    10% Games
    10% Apps/Photos
    10% Internet

    First of all, I don't really want to spend NZ$500 on a 32GB 3G Touch. Simple as that. I can get the 2G 16GB for $399 and the 2G or 3G 8GB for $329. Another $70 for the 16GB and I can get the extra 8GB of memory which will be usefull.

    I want some opinions on what exactly to get as I have never had a iPod Touch before. Yes, I will use the WiFi and go on the net. One question I had was my cellphone, can I connect to the internet via my cellphone. Say if I was out in my car and wanted to look on the net (as no real WiFi as such available) could I do this. Does it run off Bluetooth off the phone or??

    The 8GB model, how much memory is ACTUALLY available? Like 7.5GB or something?

    I would use gaming frequently. Not heaps. Hard to say how many hours a week - maybe 2 hours? Is the 2G really slower on performance or does it not matter much. What about games like HFS or other car racing gmaes, Crash Team for example. Run OK?

    Next Question is Bluetooth...Apprently you need to download an update to unlock, which costs, so does the 3G come installed?

    Could the Mic be really usefull, like Voice chat or games?

    Lastly, for the future, is there any real disadvantage on having the 2G, if its easy to say?

    Thanks for any help!!!

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