14 Day Retrun Policy??

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What I Should Buy With The Extra $70AU??

  1. BUY Applecare, its worth it

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  2. DON'T BUY Applecare, buy some better headphones etc

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    Last Wednesday(3-9-08) my parents bought me a touch 32GB (from Dick Smith) and i was just going to return it and wait for the 2G, but i was so eager that i opened it and have been using since.

    On the receipt it says the following at the bottom and i was wondering wait people understand it to say, does this mean i can exchange ot for a newer one no probs or am i stuck with my 1G.

    "We offer a 14 Day Change Of Mind Policy in addition to your statuary rights. This provides you with the opportunity to exchange or refund items within 14 days of the date of purchase if you change your mind. To be entitled, you must provide proof of purchase and the item must be in unmarked original condition including all packaging and supplied components. Where placed, security seals must be intact. Change of mind returns do not apply to recharge vouchers or opened printer cartridges."

    -Does the bit about security seals mean that because i took of the plastic cover around the box off I voided the 14 return.
    -I have only cut open the white bag to have a look whats in their and nothing has been used. Also the ipod still has all the plastic on it.
    -With the extra $70 is it worth buying Apple Care or whatever its called to extend the warranty or should i buy some speakers/headphones instead??

    Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
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    Anyone got any ideas??

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