100 ways your iPod can up your IQ

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    Creatures of habit that we are, we sometimes get into a gadget rut, forgetting that our iPods are probably capable of a lot more than what we do with them. So far, I've used mine for listening to music and podcasts, watching movies (which isn't my idea of film appreciation), and receiving RSS feeds. But I didn't know what I was missing until I stumbled across "100 Ways to Use Your iPod to Learn and Study Better" from the Online Education Database (OEDb).

    Many of the suggestions are free, while some have a low-cost fee. There's not a loser in the bunch, and they come from some far-flung places on the Web.

    Some are tutorials:

    Learning Podcasting: If you want to create your own podcast to share your skills or expertise on a particular subject, read this in-depth introduction to podcasting from Wise-Women.org.
    Podtender 3.0: This software program will teach you how to make all kinds of tasty c*cktails for your next party.
    Some are applications that make learning easier:

    iGadget: Make your class notes, presentations, study guides and other materials iPod-friendly by using iGadget. You'll be able to move documents and files back and forth between your iPod and your computer easily and securely.
    YouTube to iPod Converter 2.6: This free converter lets you watch educational videos, TV clips and more on your iPod so that you can review for tests, contribute to class discussions or add them to a presentation.
    Some are for lifelong learners:

    iJourneys: Take walking tours in cities like Salzburg, Vienna, Amsterdam, Paris and ancient Rome by downloading iPod-compatible guides from this site.
    Free Classic Audiobooks: Find books like Herman Melville's Typee, Huckleberry Finn and Swiss Family Robinson in iPod-friendly formats here.
    And some are meant to augment other studies:

    Stedman's Medical Terminology Flash Cards:This set of iPod-friendly flash cards will help any healthcare, nursing, pre-med or medical student prepare for an exam.
    Teach Kids Valuable Lessons With Free Sesame Street iPod Videos: Lifehacker writes about the six free Sesame Street videos offered on iTunes, perfect for introducing your child to technology and other educational basics.

    SOURCE: http://tech.yahoo.com/blogs/raskin/18019
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    this looks pretty good, thanks
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    Interesting.... thanks for sharing.
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    I don't get the idea of this.... Seems pretty useless and logically thinkable without a "guide"
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    ahh guys
    at my school, some teacher allow me to listen music while we write a class-test in Spanish.
    Here is an exemple for my cheat [Spanish]:

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    ah .. i made it with Photoshop.
    in this class-test i made 17/20 points ;-)
    When the teacher is comming narrow, doubleclick home-button and you still are on Music ... ;-)

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