1.1.3 upgrade, can't see Mail/Maps, etc

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    Hey all,

    did the upgrade via installer to the 1.1.3 version. It took like 45 minutes or so and kept downloading and unzipping, etc. When it was all done, my iPod Touch was back to the default look, all my third party apps were gone... or so I thought.

    Upon closer inspection, I saw all the standard icons with one extra, the installer icon. So I started downloading all my third party apps again. When I got to Customizer and went in to reorder the icons I had, I saw all my third party icons, Mail, Maps, Stocks, etc. I noticed that all their "eyes" were grayed, so I touched the eye icon on the upper right and they all popped on and I thought that was it... but when it restarted, they didn't show.

    Now, the Touch is in reboot mode for some reason and all I see is the black screen with the white apple logo and the spinning white wheel... this has been this way for the last 10 minutes..

    Just looking for some guidance to get my stuff back and get it working.



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