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    After a lot of preparation - uninstalling all third party and iPhone apps, removing simlink to Apps, relocating Applications back to original location - I used 1.1.3 Jailbreak+iPhone Apps from Installer. It took about 30 minutes and scared me with few error messages telling me that I run out of space (I had 9+ Gigs available) and that error occurred. Touch became unresponsive and frozen.

    Hard quit Touch and restarted to find out that I'm already in 1.1.3 with all iPhone apps working (no errors of any kind) and wiggling icons. Installed BossTool to find out that I have only 2 MB space available. Moved Applications using BossTool and free space shows only 20 MB, while under jailbroken 1.1.2 and relokated Applications BossTool was showing 50 MB free - I wonder where 30 MB went???

    Installed all my previous apps and few more - this part took longer than jailbreaking - and all is working smoothly.

    Thanks David and Dev. Team

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