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Discussion in 'Mobile Web Development' started by FrankDaTank089, Feb 27, 2008.

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    ok, sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but it is not one of the regular "help me with my repo" problems that people are psoting up all the time that are using the googlepages with no background in progaming. anways...

    I am having some major troulbe with my 1.1.3 repo and its even harder to get it working when I don't have 1.1.3.

    At first I was having troubles with the permissions being set to zero after being installed. I was told by H3X (not trying to get on your balls about it, becuase it did work, just trying to figure out whats wrong) to add this code in the install directory of each file to fix that...

    		       <string>/bin/chmod -R 755 /var/mobile/Library/ROMs/SNES/</string>
    and I did that to all of my roms in my source, and here is the .xml file...


    now im told whenever someone tries to download a file they get a "main script execution failed!"

    i just need someone to debug this code for me and tell me what I am doing wrong becuase I have no idea. that would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

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