1.1.3 jailbreak/upgrade bugs

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by mankiebuddie, Jan 25, 2008.

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    Hey guys,
    I have already posted this in the temporary section but because it happened with my iphone im posting it here too. I have noticed three bugs in my iphone and also my friends ipod touch. First two are the same for both touch and iphone. If any one has the same problem pls reply/ try to help..

    1. If you turn passkey lock on, it never activates.
    2. After turning on and entering your password twice, if you want to change it or turn it off(without going back), it asks you your password and then when you enter the right one it says wrong passkey!!

    1. When iPhone is in Normal (i.e. not silent) mode, and a call comes, it still only vibrates and doent ring. (<----iPhone)
    2. When you set an alarm or a timer and when it is done, again the phone only vibrates, doesnt ring(or does nothing in touch).
    3. In Settings>Sounds under Ring if you increase/decrease the volume or change the ringtone, you cant hear the ringtone.

    SMS (-iPhone)
    1. After the 1.1.3 upgrade(and jailbreak) the SMS app was in a complete mess.
    For instance if i had sent a message to a person in the morning and got two replies from him in the evening, after upgrade/jailbreak, it shows that my message was sent last. In all conversations my message appears to be the last(even if it isnt)!!

    Please check these in your jailbroken 1.1.3 iphones and if you find any such problem pls reply..
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    iPhone 3G (Black)

    This happens Sometimes when I have an ongoing text message conversation with someone: after I send a text in the middle of the conversation and Exit that app and go to something else. Then I go back to check for replies but then it changes the order of the last few text messages. is this supposed to do that?

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