1.1.3 DFU/Recovery Mode DOESN'T work!

Discussion in 'iPod touch Firmware 1.1.3 Discussions' started by redheadguy719, Apr 29, 2008.

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    I totally screwed up and deleted some of the plist files in springboard...can somebody send me them????

    I can't recovery/dfu mode my way into a reinstall of software...but i can ssh. I need those files to fix this!!

    I repeat... I cannot use ziphone to dfu/recovery mode my ipod. My only chance is to replace my springboard.app folder.

    2008-04-29 20:18:50.501 SpringBoard[123:d03] SpringBoard expects a bundle at /Applications/FieldTest.app
    2008-04-29 20:18:52.550 SpringBoard[123:d03] Couldn't register with bootstrap server unknown error code (0x44c); failing...
    2008-04-29 20:18:52.649 SpringBoard[123:d03] lockdown says the device is: [Activated], state is 2
    2008-04-29 20:18:53.394 SpringBoard[123:d03] Couldn't get IAP TV out settings
    zsh: bus error  /System/Library/CoreServices/SpringBoard.app/SpringBoard
    if you're wondering how this happened...i accidentally put some files for Preferences.app into SpringBoard.app but I deleted too many things from SpringBoard

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