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    1. raptors2k
      HOW to upgrade JB (jailbroken) IPod touch 4 from 4.1 to 4.3.3??

      Hi , i still dont' know what is the best way to upgrade without loosing my aps.

      I need to upgrade my jb ipod 4 running on 4.1 to 4.3.3 so i can use my pc with my new IPAD 2.

      What are the steps i need to do? do i upgrade from the ITUNES or click on restore. My Itunes is an old version as well.

      I did some homework and here is what i have:
      I save my shsh blob using tinyUmbrella
      I downloaded pkg back up and backup my files and put them on my dropbox.
      I already dw the redsnow jailbreaker for 4.3.3 so i'm ready to jailbreak again.
      Now I dont' know what is the next step..how to upgrade it? I need the steps...

      Please I need ur experience advice help me please, before i new IOS version comes out.
      thank you
    2. _JKK_
      It's coming, I promise. I'm adding pictures as we speak, and then I'll have to quickly proof-read it.
    3. _JKK_
      Hey, I saw that you got your RokStand out and released. Would you be interested in shipping me a review unit, and I'll get a review up on the FP? If you are, email me at: jkk@ifans.com
    4. Sony
    5. Sony
      how it going
    6. jmwerkus
      You have a twitter? Jphone wants to know.
    7. kieronhart1993
      when i try to resave the hosts file, it says i cannot save back to where i found hosts as i dont have admin rights even though i am an admin, it gives me the option to save to my documents, but this wouldnt work though, right?
    8. SpeedyApocalypse
      Lol, I cannot either. I knew that they couldn't. I did a pro photoshop job of Cydia out of my app. Lol
    9. J-Phone
      you made a mistake, non jailbroken ipods cant go into safe mode, can't beleive apple approved your app lol
    10. Shawa
      Next time you see a bumped thread, report it. Posting 'dude dont bump' or similar just bumps it again.
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