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Nov 20, 2014
    1. Crypt
    2. PlyrR1Play
      People are so unreliable lol.
      And it's sorta funny how many of the people back a year or two are gone. The people who stayed are super mods, and the rest are just dead. Any direct cause or was it just people losing interest -- probably just time; it kills everything!

      I won't be staying though. I don't even use my Touch anymore. I had an app developed, so I just wanted to check its status. Now, I just use Android w/ my phone and a touchscreen Nano (which just broke for a second time, f*** Apple btw :) ). Between school (graduating a year early, this year, so online classes) and everything else, no time! Now, I have bronchitis, so I haven't done sh*t for a week thus finding time - as well as getting tipsy off cough medicine...sad living is what it is.
    3. PlyrR1Play
      "get on?"

      Never in a million years! I have principles, I have honor!
      No, I'm actually just a hungry, hungry hypocrite (Bo Burnham reference for ya)

      (Btw, I would sign in as x6blues but I don't remember the damn password lol. Been like 2 years. They say never to use the same pass for everything, but I have a sh*t memory! I must've started using that later. idk, crazy world...just crazy. Genocides everywhere you look, rape you just can't escape, and cookies w/out chocolate chips)

      ...And yes, I still do make myself laugh :\
    4. brianconti29
      hey [=
      you probably get this alot but can you help me, im trying to make a custom avatar for ttr3.
      do i have to edit my avatar image and change the link here in the com.tapulous.taptaprevengeIII.plist file? this is the only place where i can find anything to do with my avatar and my info details.
    5. Baker5
    6. JacobVengeance
      Okay. I am in the process out images to use lol
    7. Relapses Wrath
      Relapses Wrath
      Oh okay, just making sure :P
    8. taptaptouch
      its something with this forum, i just end up color matching it to the forum
    9. taptaptouch
      no dude, i think its pretty tight
    10. taptaptouch
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